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Unity Slerp Visualized - Like lerp, but rotund

Vector3.Slerp is the unpopular younger brother of lerp, but it doesn't need to be that way! It has a load of utility once you learn how it works. I'll teach you what slerp is, how slerp works and how to use slerp... slerp I used 'Shapes' to make a few of these effects, you can check it out here: Drop this in your scene to play around with slerp: Script: ❤️ Become a Tarobro on Patreon: ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS: Slerp official description: Spherically interpolates between two vectors. Interpolates between a and b by amount t. The difference between this and linear interpolation (aka, "lerp") is that the vectors are treated as directions rather than points in space. The direction of the returned vector is interpolated by the angle and its magnitude is interpolated between the magnitudes of from and to.

Just to add something After getting the initial "centerPivot" vector, we need to find a vector perpendicular to "centerPivot" and use it as the final "centerPivot" if the start and end points are not on a horizontal line as shown in the video.
The letter "S" in the slerp means "circle".
Thought I was having a stroke reading the title.
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I think slerp is used for rotating normal/direction vectors instead of positions.
Bit of both. I wanted to showcase just the movement aspect of it in this video :)
awesome visualization
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slerp on dee-
Youre the new brackeys, really good understandable explanations :D
This is an amazing video!! I never knew! Off I go, making an arrow shooting simulator :)
Very helpful
Beautifully represented. Cheers
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Beautiful visualisation. You helped me, thank you, very short and helpful video. Merry Christmas ⛄🎄
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I wish id be able to understand it properly and not just understand that its working? Does it make sense? Well, this was amazing to watch. Thank you and great job!
Thanks for the visualization! It’s stuff like this that really helped me understand more complex math in college. Out of curiosity, in your code snippet, why did you put it all in an IEnumerable?
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Why does the slerp go outside instead of inside
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You can adjust the curve by moving the pivot. I show some code on screen for how to do that
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Could this be used for netcode to any benefit?
Hmmm... Can't think of a usecase
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That was so many fricking ways of helpful. I can't tell you how abstract lerp and slerp look like for a beginner. You just made my day, week and month!


here's your standard vector3 lerp lap is linearly interpolated so we'll
always give you a straight line from a to b
slope on the other hand is spherically interpolated instead of returning a
straight path it will return points as if it were on the circumference of a
sphere where the quadratic bezier curve can
yield deformed curves slope will always provide a nice uniform curve
we can demonstrate this curvature better by adding more points to the path
we can of course add animation curves in the same way we'd add them to a
traditional lab by default slap uses world space 0 0 as
the center of the circle this can cause weird results when your
path is not perfectly positioned around 0 0.
this can be corrected by finding the center of your points and offsetting the
calculation playing with the center pivot offset
gives you control over the curvature to picture this better i've filled in the
remaining circle yellow leaving the slapped portion in white
alright i hope this helped you understand slap i'll be releasing a
bunch of these quick little visualizations in the future so
subscribe if you're excited about that merry christmas and goodbye