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Unity - Keep your project fast and; reduce clutter! [Asset Management]

Just a quick tip on asset management. Only import exactly what you need. Speed up your project and keep it lean. Come join discord ;) ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

Allen Halsted
Been doing Unity since 2012 and this is the best tip I have ever seen!
Jayadev Haddadi
I just tried this technique for importing the free "Quick Outline" asset from asset store. But when I tried to export the script only it was found all over the place. I guess this must be due to conflicting namespaces, right? So it doesn't always work so well...? :(
Josh Doucette
This is a very good tip, I madly appreciate it
Harpreet Johal
Awesome tutorials buddy !! how you manage your saving system
Go Games Series
Should have checked this before I started my project lol
Marty McFly
Nice and simple, thanks. I always import whole package and then try to delete the files, wasting lot of time and sometimes breaking the asset lol-
Tomáš Petrlík
1) particle system effects pack is no "Plugin" 2) you can just tick what you want or not
You must have a fantastic memory... Knowing the exact 7 files each prefab needs in the package (sprites, audio, materials) , as well as remembering exactly what the prefab looks like out of the hundreds of effects.
Paulo Rodriguez
i have to start doing this, i just can't stand unity being so sluggish, or maybe i just need a better gaming chair
Make sure it's red, that will give you the best performance boost
Tomaz Znidarko
I like this aproach very much. Thank you.
Tony Tran
The "like dislike" on youtube is pissing me off...
Tony Tran
@Tarodev Thanks for all you do Tarodev!
Me too buddy... Me too.
Nice to see how fast you are going up Youtube. Lots of good videos published quickly. Continue like that! I am learning from all of that!
Love the format, not a ton of "hello world" shit to dig through and instead its straight to the meat and bones! Good stuff! Thanks for all video's man, you're a legend! Been binging your video list since yesterday! liked, subbed and notifications set to all Soo.. you got any more of that vidyas?... *scratches meself*
Thanks for binging! ❤️
Nice tip! I was just complaining yesterday about all the extra crap that gets imported with this stuff, after I imported a single texture and it came with its own demo scene (seriously). Question - will this work with Tool assets, for example TopDown Engine or Gaia, where I only want the project's scripts and none of the demo scenes/assets? Or does this only really work with prefabs?
I've done it before with success. I'd say try it to ensure nothing breaks. As the other guy said, some packages may have special setup which might break. I haven't seen it but I assume it to be true l.
This is GameDev
It kind works with everything. You can Export Package scenes, folders, ...  IMO, for tools, it's better to use the package manager directly. I think it does a few extra configuration steps sometimes.
Stylie473 Joker
This is so helpful thank you so much <3
Sun Bright
What do you do if an asset uses absolute paths in the code and moving it to Plugin folder breaks it?
Quite possibly. I've known some assets requiring root positioning... Forgot which ones though. Certainly annoying.
yeeessssss. I hate importing packages because of all the clutter and room they can take up; this is brilliant
Pixelbug Studio
That'll be really useful
Thomas Huster
This is the A-grade content. Love it!


i'd like a particle system in my projects which will play when the player
dies i could import one of my particle packages from the asset store and then
pick the one i'd like but then i'd have hundreds of other assets cluttering up
my project and making it slow as you can see this asset has 1500 files
a better approach is to make a separate project
call it something like asset dump now import your commonly used assets
into this project instead i wouldn't use 99 of these files
i like all of my assets to be stored in a plugins folder so i'll drag this new
imported asset into the plugins folder now i browse for the effect i like
right click the prefab and export package
be sure to select include dependencies so that it rounds up everything required
i have a folder on my desktop where i store all of my exported packages i
always call the package exactly what the name of the prefab is that way i won't
double up the next time i need it now with your real project in the
foreground double-click the exported package to import it
like and subscribe and i'll see you next time