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Sprite Shadows in Unity - Cast and receive shadows using a SpriteRenderer

Casting shadows from your sprites is as simple as pie. For some reason, Unity hides this by default, but I'm here to abuse the system and show you how to turn it on. URP Shader link: Original source: ❤️ Become a Tarobro on Patreon: ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

Good! Is there a tutorial to make 2D sprite drop shadow in 2D world?
Awesome, You are DOPE! Thank you for what you do for the community! Stay free from tyranny!
Batuhan Batuhan
Why making a var private and adding SerializeField but not making it public? What is private in game dev good for?
Did you comment on the wrong video or is this just a random question? Making it public just to serialize it, now makes it available to change from other classes. So for example if I make my spriterenderer reference public, class ABC can now change my spriterenderer sprite. Making it private keeps it... private while also serializing it. Does that make sense? You should ONLY making something public if it's needed by another class.
Pavet. Minty
Why do you need the graph though? Clicking "cast shadows" already make the sprite cast shadows on my project, and I think since forever?
Is your sprite using the default sprite material or did you change it?
Timilehin Afolabi
You are the new BRACKEYS. Thanks a bunch. 😌
Remi Joel
But one question.... Won't it have any effect on the performance of the game??
Kerem Alcelik
For some reason my character is affected by light but doesn't have any shadows. Can somebody help me with that?
Sahil Sharma
This channel sure is good. I watched some previous videos and have just one advice keep it simple ;D
Paulo Henrique
Just found your channel, really good content, +1 sub. Thank you.
SilentWisp Games
Omg badabingbadaboom thank you
quick and easy <3
Omri Cundangan
Any idea why Unity hides this in the Debug inspector?
Diru Diaz Rusiñol
I love everything you do <3
Oh diru
Did I understand correctly, this only works for 3D?
Hmm I did this kind of a back-assward way; I used a quad, and made a material out of the sprite, then it could receive lighting and shadows. Extra steps though, your way is better ;)
Really love the short, sweet, and right to the point presentation. Keep it up! Off topic: I also love the way your background plane looks there. Is that a normal map giving it the ripples like that?
Just a terrain with some noise :)
It can't be any more concise. Matt, you the best!
Lol the ending 😂
Frost GameDev
Cool. Are you also familiar with shader-graph?
Frost GameDev
@Tarodev cool 🍌s! I am wondering how many years have you been using unity and doing programming? How about a video on your journey since you start and what steps you took in past couple of years to gain this much experience? Also how about Tips for beginners which they can take and learn unity/programming in a better way.
I dabble a little. Could be better
Angel Ran
Best video on the whole channel
Lol damn bro


i'll teach you how to cast and receive shadows from your sprite renderers just
like this with your sprite renderer selected click
the triple dots and enter debug mode turn on cast shadows and if you desire
receive shadows be sure to swap back to normal once
you're done next download the shady graph file from the description and plop
it into your project if you'd prefer to construct it yourself here's the
blueprint create a material from the shader
and replace the material on your sprite renderer
bada bing bada boom you've got shadows baby subscribe to my channel and i'll
see you next time