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Scrolling Background in 90 seconds - Unity Tutorial

Learn this cool scrolling background effect for your Unity game backgrounds. Add this to your boring menu screen and watch it transform! Note: A custom shader can be used for the same effect, which I'll show in a future video. Script:

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Excellent, simple, straightforward tutorial video
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Good & easy tutorial!!
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Awesome Tut, very nice and clean, easy to understand and easy to use
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Great stuff! Nice and to the point, thanks!
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all right first step is to ensure that your image that you would like to scroll
is set to repeat and that the component that you're using is
raw image and not just image as raw image gives us
access to the uv rect all right create a c-sharp script and
call it scroller begin by removing the start method as we
don't need it grab our references first one will be a raw image reference
next we'll need a pair of floats for our speeds one x and one wire
in our update let's update our uv rect equals to nu uv rect
and we will do position we will do our current uv rect position plus
new vector 2 and we'll feed in our x and our y
times that by time by delta time and then for the size
we will use our normal size let's check that out
attach it to our scroller a scrolling image
um feed in the reference maybe something like that might look good
there we go hope you learned something if you did give it a like
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