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Radial Formations in Unity #Shorts

You can watch the video here: Source code included in the video description.

Vaibhav Jaiswal
Can you tell us about the shader you used on characters
It's a toon shader with outline. I found a really good one that was free, but it took a lot of researching to find it, and then I had to make changes to fix it. Basically, you want to find a Blit outline shader. I personally like the kind that outlines not just changes in the normal directions, but also changes in pixel colors. It's a little more taxing on performance, but it looks so much better when you can get cartoon outlines appearing on your animated textures and on particles. I don't think I'm allowed to post mine since the original work is not mine, only the changes. If you make a shadergraph like that by downloading the Blit outline shader, then just run the color output through a posterize node, it will "round" the colors into a number of increments you provide, so instead of pixels being colored by 0-255 with 1 digit increments, you could make it be colored 0 to 255 in 4 digit increments (0, 4, 8, 12, etc). This creates the hard edges on the colors (referred to as banding). Paired with the outlines, it makes the game feel more like a comic book.
looks cool
Димас - Твой Разработчик Игр
Каааайф, недавно как раз думал как такое реализовать
You can see the full video here:
King Bling
You should link your video here as well :D I have seen your tutorial video on this and boi it was amazing :c
Hello World
Oh man!I like that!!!!


we can get some pretty interesting results by adding additional rotations
to the circle as well as an offset [Music]
[Music] i added support for additional rings
as well as an offset for every second ring
[Music] you can make some seriously weird
formations by just messing around with the values
don't even ask me what's going on here