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Isometric Camera In Unity

Setting up an isometric camera in Unity is super easy! This is the first part in a series showcasing a few key concepts required to make an isometric game.

Ruchir raj
I really like this style of short, to the point tutorials. Really helps when searching for it
Hay i wan to cube in small cube i find this video but when i rotate its not work plz help
Dmitry Wroclaw
Short and sharp!
Short and to the point. Thank you.
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Jono Bond
I'm looking forward to the next tutorial. Simple but effective tutorial.
Dominik Lammer
Will the isometric movement script also touch upon isometric grid movement? That is something I always wanted to replicate. And your videos are proving to be the ones that I learn the most of! Keep up the great work!
King Bling
I think he has already covered grid based movement even though not in isometric but it is applicable here
It won't be grid based movement in the next tutorial, but I have an iso grid tutorial planned. As well as a hexagon grid tutorial.
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kindly make vidoe on Addressables🙂
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keep making these short tutorials😉
matt damon
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I can't believe Matt Damon is watching my tutorials


hello so in my scene i've got a camera i've got my player here which is at zero
zero zero so to set up an isometric camera the
easiest way to do it is to create an empty game object let's call this the
camera pivot and zero that out
then take your camera slap it inside as a child and zero that out too and as you
can see my camera is now directly in my player
so i'm going to minus 10 on the z for the camera and then on the camera pivot
and by the way never once you've set this never change this
now okay so the actual camera transform never changes
so on your camera pivot now let's change the x rotation to 30 and the white
rotation to 45 and then the most important thing
for an isometric view is to change perspective to orthographic
and i'll just turn off depth of field there so there we go that is the basic
setup of an isometric camera so now as i said before never change the
transform of this main camera you will now just move the uh camera pivot around
so like that okay
in the next tutorial i will show you how to set up simple character movement for
an isometric game so traditionally you would press up and down and you would
actually move this way right because that is actually up and down but we've
skewed our camera uh in game that does not feel good for the player they
they're expecting more of the uh straight up and down uh as you would
find kind of like that so stay tuned for the next episode and
uh if this video helped you subscribe and i'll see you in the next one bye