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How I made my own WOBBLY army!

I had some fun in Unity building army formations. Let me know what you think and where they could be improved! Scripts: Package: ❤️ Become a Tarobro on Patreon: ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

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@Валентин Матвеенко I had to google that. You're right, it does! You can find nature in everything :)
Валентин Матвеенко
Looks like phyllotaxis, that could be usefull too
@VMEcycle6 you could also just cheat. When a unit dies, the positions are recalculated and the remaining units find the closest new position to them and walk to it.
Great tutorial.👍👍 Well I was working on something very similar six month ago. And I started with a similar approach. But then I realize that when some soldiers got killed in combat. Having other soldiers fill in the gap may trigger all the soldiers to swap their locations, thus will mess up your formation during combat. So I studied flocking algorithm. I let all the soldiers repelling each other, also having the formation "box" attracts all the soldiers. Then calculate a combined vector for each soldier which will determine where a soldier should move. It's kinda hard to have a perfect formation with this method, but it also came with some realism... sort of. Also if a soldier got killed, all you need is just shrink the formation box size to make a tighter formation.
Linh Nguyen
so great (heart)!
Miguel De Orio
enjoyed watching
Stefano Cristoni
I done something like this 1 month ago...worse and less powerful
I like your concise implemetation. Can I ask you why it's better to return an IEnumerable instead of a List in the script BoxFormation?
@Tarodev thanks. I'm eagerly waiting for your video about this!
It simply gives you more performance options. For example you may only want to grab 3 positions, or just loop the first 5. Keeping it an ienumerable means you can simply grab 5 and stop the loop without it grabbing every position. I have a video coming out about ienumerable if that is a little bit confusing.
Kukis J
Sorry, but these little guys and their sacrifices have stolen the show ;) I just miss to see them dancing in circles at the end. Great content!
They blow themselves up for your entertainment
Archamonde Archenwold
feels like u could turn these into RTS unit formations
It would be fun commanding these floppy little guys
Levi Ackerman
This actually looks fun. Can I use this for my commercial mobile game?
Yup, use any code I release :) Let me know if you make anything cool!
Lemuel Apperson
They're not wear pants? JK This is very cool. Part of the radial patterns you were seeing is a known math phenomenon. It gives rise to such things as Moiré patterns.
They need to run free 😉 Just googled Moiré patterns, very interesting!
Shiro Surfer
What's the animation style name of the wiggly guys
Many thanks for this one! Really usefull!
Glad it was helpful!
HKS Seng
Can I use this unitypackage on my Commercial project?
Yes buddy! Got for it
Pretty interesting.
this is awesome! Please keep doing what you doing. Your content is simply amazing.
emin Algül
Hello!! Thanks for video ,really useful . How should we write a code to add 1 object to the army?
Do you mean add more units? The code I provided should do that for you right out of the box :)
M Touseef
Hey do you know you are awsome :)
I do now 😊
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Hey bro thanks for creating this video because i am a solo developer and i need this things so far,thanks TaroDev 😀
Basic Dog Trainings
@Tarodev Thanks
Glad you enjoyed it! ❤️
Asin Zhang
i‘m more intrested on transtion that parameter changed
Sorry, what do you mean?
Awera Mu
Your Fonts is very cool? What is name your text fonts bro.
The thin font is simply called 'Blueprint'. The chunky boi is called "Bluprint", without the e. Very imaginative names :P
Vaibhav Jaiswal
Can you give a step by step tutorial of this


before we begin in case you wanted to follow along i've included some of the
code snippets used here in the description as well as a unity package
you can throw right into your scene in this video i'll be discussing two
types of formations the box formation
and the radial formation [Music]
but we'll start with the box formation without any of the bells and whistles
i'll be showing you shortly the code is quite simple if you've seen my grid
tutorial this should look familiar to you we're just looping over our unit
width which we'll call x and inside that we're looping over our unit depth which
we'll call z then we're returning a vector using our
current x and z in the end it will give you something
like this [Music]
we can add some simple purlin noise to the mix to give it a bit of chaos
[Music] next i added the ability to hollow out
the box by only returning the outer edges
[Music] a spread value was added which just
multiplies their position to allow more control over the distance between units
lastly a way to offset every second row [Music]
i added a toggle to determine if my army should move in a uniform militant sense
or if each unit should have its own personality
this gives it a bit more of a realistic feel
here is the final code for the box formation
pause the video if you'd like to inspect how i achieved each modification
[Music] okay let's bring these radial boys back
in [Music]
instead of the width and height values for radial we use amount and radius
[Music] we can get some pretty interesting
results by adding additional rotations to the circle as well as an offset
[Music] [Music]
i added support for additional rings as well as an offset for every second
ring [Music]
you can make some seriously weird formations by just messing around with
the values don't even ask me what's going on here
[Music] i hope you enjoyed this little video
give it a thumbs up if you did and let me know what you think could be improved
in the comments [Music]