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Gradient Background in Unity

Beautiful gradient backgrounds are quick and easy to setup with this little trick. You can create a wide array of eye-catching visuals by just altering the gradient you import! Experiment and have fun :) ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

"Bil-near"... did you mean "bi-linear"?
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Nice effect - but how do you make it appear _behind_ all of the 3D objects in the scene, like in your DOTween video? EDIT: sorry, stupid question, I see now that it's basically a sprite in world space, and there's a gap between camera and the sprite.
Nope, that's not it! It's a UI canvas set to camera space. Then you set its distance to 100 or so. Using this method let's you always keep its bounds perfectly aligned to the screen edge. Where as a sprite in world space would be difficult to do so
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Joseph Woodrell
another option would be shadergraph then it could be dynamic both in color, but in gradient anchor locations
Oh that's a great trick, time to replace all my gradients with that
Wow, the falling leaves and wind effects are really awesome. Do you already have a tutorial on that?
Interesting. Can somebody explain how the pixelated image became so smooth once it's in Unity? And was the purpose to reduce file size?
It's the bilinear interpolation! Try changing the filter modes to see the results
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Very interesting! I'm blown away by how smooth it came out for such a small image
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It's bi-linear, not bili-near haha
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As I said that word, I thought to myself "I bet I said that wrong". Haha
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bro ...can u make one video regarding " ScriptableObject "..hp or weapon are very good in explain ..i learned a lot from you thank
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I have a SO video planned! Stay tuned my guy 👌
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okay so i was making the scene for my next tutorial and i got to the stage
where i needed a nice little gradient for the background here so in any
image editing software like photoshop just make a really small canvas like a
six six by three or something like that zoom right into it and then get your
gradient tool and these are nice colors for me as i'm making a little sky
so roughly in the center just make a gradient that is not the
center maybe something like that good enough
so i've got that now save it i'm going to put it straight into my
project and just call this sky and back in unity
i will make a little canvas and let's set the canvas on
screen space camera attach my camera to it
call this sky now my sky as i'm working on a 3d
project i actually want this to be a sprite so i'm going to put that there
remove the compression so you don't get any banding ensure that filter mode is
on build near and then just attach your sky
make it full screen and there we go you've got yourself a
nice little gradient super quick super easy and it's like the smallest little
image in the world so it's not taking up any space alright hope this helped bye