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Fix Visual Studio Autocomplete/Intellisense in Unity - (2022, 2019, 2017)

Unity sometimes does not link to Visual Studio correctly and this can cause a lack of auto-complete and Intellisense, as well as not providing any squigglies for errors. I'll help you fix it in 1:15 💋 ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

Gabriel Bigardi
I have all of this correct and it doesnt work by opening the script directly in Unity, it only works if i go to the option "Open c# project"
I've pinned this comment incase anybody else is in this situation. *To clarify:* Assets -> Open C# Project
Beard or Die
So Visual Studio 2022 is out of preview and this video works well, however the VS team showed off their "whole line completions" feature of 2022 and I don't know how to turn it on, if it's even compatible with Unity projects. Does anybody have any success using this new feature of VS2022 with Unity projects? I'd really love the whole line completions to work.
Beard or Die
Update: Fixed. Looks like I needed to modify my installation to include the optional Intellicode feature. Used the installer, modify, individual components, searched Intellicode and checked the box, and modified the installation. 🙂
DGokil Gaming21
How to download VS 2019 how bro?? Because I can only download the VS 2022. Please reply 🙏☺️
Pavel Biryukov
Thanks, works with VS 2022.
Regenerate project files worked! Thanks a million mate! Subscribed!
Estevão Souza
Never had this problem, but it's nice to know how to fix. thx :D
Left Blank
I ducking hate it when it's broken............
Well now you can fix it!! 🦆 No more
Troll Darius
it worked thank you
This is legit, i had the same problem few months ago and did this and it works... GG bro
you're on the come up mate, i can tell
Is there a way to make it so it doesnt autocomplete whenever im just trying to space or add a . cause it autocompletes to whatever the hell it feels like when Im typing and its soooo annoying
@Tarodev I found the option to set it to tab instead of autocompleting on space
It should only be recommending something, it should only autocomplete when you tab it out. Is yours being applied immediately?
I used notepad in past when my PC had like 2GB Ram lol. I have now 4Gb and I can use Unity, VS and Chrome surprisingly. Anyway, Idk why youtube don't recommended your channel before, your videos seems really interesting, +1 sub.
Welcome aboard!
FM Productions
Sometimes it happens to me that Intellisense just fails on certain files, what I usually do then is to rename the file, wait for Unity to recompile, and rename it back to the original name (weird approach but it works for some reason). Maybe also worth mentioning that if someone attempts the renames, if the MonoBehaviour class doesn't have the same name as the file, your custom class doesn't show up in the component menus in Unity.
FM Productions
@Tarodev Alright, I should try that the next time. Thx!
When this happens, right clicking the regenerate button and see if it fixes it. Might be faster for you.
Lynn NR
Hey, I just found and subscribed to this channel (Great suggestion by youtube on that async/await video). I'd like to add a possible counter point to the push for Rider. It does not have a free version, just a 30 days trial, and, being a student, that pricing is out of question. I noticed they have student licenses but I'm not from USA so I don't know if that's gonna work out. Seeing Rider in future videos won't make me stop watching, the content is great and I'm also interested in finding better IDEs, but it's something you might want to take into consideration.
Yup, very strong point. Somebody else mentioned they dislike jetbrains business model on this poll: He didn't clarify why, but I'm assuming it's due to there not being a community version. When you have a bit of spending money though (deeper into your career), the point falls short and you can concentrate on the products themselves. I'm trialing it out for a few weeks and might make a quick video on my findings.
How to get syntax highlighting for shader code? I ended up using riders free trial and it does in fact have syntax and some form of intelisense for shader code, might apply for free version as I'm a student, but id prefer visual studio as I've grown accustomed to the layout
I use this: It's quite fantastic. This is the first I am hearing about Rider having built-in intelisense for shaders, that makes me even more pumped to try it!
Prestige Gamer
vs 2022 preview isn't supported yet .. I tried all solution many of which were 100% gonna fix it hut it doesn't I have had fix it so many time, funny enough I have both versions of new version of vs simply the vs2019 works just fine but 2022vs doesn't at least the preview version
Oh i did that recently and it caused a glitch with all my scripts, long story short, i had to reasing all the scripts and references in my scene
The regenerate button? Hmmm, that's strange
Cow Eggs
your channel has all of the things i never asked for but can't live without using lol
Макс Михневич
Don't be noob, use Rider.
@Magnatales you've convinced me. You may see rider in future videos
@Tarodev Rider have a set of shortcuts you can set while installing it, so basically you can put the shortcuts like VS with one click, that helps a lot, the rest should be pretty similar to VS but improved, and for that it's just trying the things that VS doesn't have. Even if you used VS for 7 years it shouldn't take you more than 10 days to use Rider
@Макс Михневич there's better unity support for rider? I did not know this. Downloading now. My main problem is I know the majority of my user base uses Studio and they might be put off seeing a foreign IDE... I'll do a poll to see what people use and make a judgement call.
Макс Михневич
VS is ok, with resharper it's good. But once you try Rider, you never go back to that wooden stick, especially on Mac. Code analysis with Unity engine in mind. Get all references of the class, in prefabs and scenes. Code performance suggestions. I don't mention debugging, testing tools and unity console in the code editor.
I'd love your thoughts on Studio vs Rider


if you're experiencing this no syntax highlighting no intellisense and no
error warnings i'll show you how to fix it
so first open visual studio installer
find the visual studio that you're using i'm using 2019 for unity so i'll click
modify scroll down
and ensure game development with unity is checked if it's not check it and then
click modify here and that will install it
next go to edit down to preferences
in here go to external tools ensure visual studio is selected in your
external script editor next click regenerate project files
close that and always ensure that you're opening
your scripts directly in unity by double clicking them
that will ensure that unity and visual studio have a hard link which means you
will be able to attach your debugger and debug your code live as well as syntax
highlighting as we've got here and our solution in the solution explorer
all right i hope that helped subscribe and happy coding boys