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Exclude Objects From Post Processing - Unity

Remove objects from being affected by your post processing stack by using multiple cameras and layers. Very simple, very quick. You can create complex visuals by separating your objects into layers and applying certain effects on each layer. ========= SUBSCRIBE: DISCORD: MORE TUTORIALS:

How to do this in HDRP? There is no Clear flag in HDRP, I'm struggling..
@AI葵 I have floating numbers. That might not work… instead what I did was just lessen the time they’re out so they don’t float as high… the short animation makes them look like steam.
I found a not totally working workaround, which is to set another post-processing volume around the object to exclude.
Yep no clear flags be here either
This is awesome. I looked everywhere trying to find this tutorial, and ended up doing exactly this for the blur out vignette effect in my game. Glad to know it wasn't as hacky as I felt it was...
Noice dude I was looking for the same and couldn't find the solution with new postprocessing .... and you did it in less than 1:30 min ... Thanks man for this amazing video Keep up the good work ......😊😊
Not bad! Something that would be even cooler (as I believe there is no video tutorial for it yet) is how to exclude everything in a certain 2D area from the posit processing. Or have an object you look through, ignore the post processing. That's useful for example for underwater effects with air pockets or looking into submarines.
@King Bling this sounds like the solution, yes. Two cameras, one camera handles the objects which could potentially be in the excluded window, the other camera handles all the rest. The window camera has strategically placed trigger boxes which can be disabled. Good thinking!
King Bling
@Thedragonixxx oh ok, gotcha, sounds like something you can possibly achieve with the help of shaders, I suck at those so cnt really say much about it. Maybe the OP can help
@King Bling Not exactly what I meant. Volume boxes change the whole screen. I was rather referring to have a part of the image you see, not have the effects applied to. From what I have read, one possible way is to use a stencil buffer with an 2d plane or mesh drawing a fixed value to it where you want to suppress post processing and then selectively apply the processing depending on the stencil buffer with a screen space shader. Haven't got to try this out myself yet but will soon.
King Bling
@Tarodev there's something called a postprocess volume box, I believe anytime the camera is within its bounds you can specify which effects to trigger or not. A scenario where can could be helpful is for eg. When player leaves from a dark cave into a brighter open area, the light intensity shots up
Damn! That's a cool idea. I'll need to think about that... If I come up with a good solution I'll make a short
Bruce Ballad
Wow very useful. Thanks!


all right so i've got this scene here it's got some bloom some uh depth of
field bunch of other stuff uh you can see that here just got a bunch of stuff
there so say i want some new objects in the
scene here but i would not want them to be affected
by this uh post-processing stack and same goes for like a uh a world space
menu so i've got this menu here i don't
really want it to be uh affected by the bloom and the depth
so to exclude that stuff i'm going to create a new camera i'm going to right
click on my main camera and create a new camera off the transform so it has the
exact same position i'm going to call this no
post cam
and on my notepads cam i'm going to change the clear flags to don't clear
and i'm going to check i'm going to create a new layer actually i'm going to
create a new layer called no post
and i'm going to make this camera on the notepost layer and i'm also going to
change the coloring mask so that it's only rendering everything on the no post
layer then i'm going to change my uh sphere
and my radial menu and my image the things that i want to exclude to no post
and then on my main camera i'm also going to cull
the uh no post and there you go so
uh my two objects there are not being affected but the rest of my scene is
so i hope that helped see you next time