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Enter Play Mode Faster in Unity! Speed Up Development Time [Unity Tutorial]

Quickly speed how up long it takes to enter play mode by enabling 'Enter Play Mode Settings'. Be sure to watch until the end to hear the disclaimer regarding this feature. ❤️ Become a Tarobro on Patreon: ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS: About Tarodev: Develop video games like a pro! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned game developer, you'll find lots of useful tips and tricks to boost your development career. Visit the channel:

Pierre BONED
You saved my life !!! Thanks for this tip
Gêm Đép 2
What a savior !
Enjoy the quick load times 😘
Washington Morais
OMG... the difference using and not using this option is huge. thanks a lot.
Just keep in mind that it can sometimes mess with things. If you find a weird bug, turn it off for 1 play to fix it and turn it back on again.
Yummm that's so delicious tip <3
bhfdhg fgfgd
Great video but how it works?
Muratcan Agiç
Why is this not default? It must have some downside..
Muratcan Agiç
@Tarodev mine is aaron's as well. :) Thanks!
@Muratcan Agiç that's funny. I had the exact same problem recently with Aaron's A*. Glad you fixed it!
Muratcan Agiç
@Tarodev thanks! enabling it broke my a* pathfinding, but after enabling "reload scene" it works like a charm :)
It prevents static variables being reset between sessions. I also find it messes with certain assets sometimes. Just don't get caught out trying to fix a bug for it to only be that the scene wasn't reset properly... Been there a few times.
Estevão Souza
nice tip, man ❤️
Dave Whiffen
Worked for me! 2019 LTS with beeg project
Ive been searching for this solution for AGES, thank Tarodev!
Glad I could save you many hours of boring compilation time 😂
Aubrey Hesselgren
You don't wanna know how long the propriety engine i use takes from code change to testing the game.
Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks - Game DevLog
I wanna know. Could you tell me? Tks.
"your scriptable objects get messed around" sounds pretty dangerous considering they get reserializred every time you save or exit unity.
Yup, that was pretty vague. I wanted to keep under the 2 minute mark. To elaborate: In the cases where I've made in-game editors for level creation and I click save (which will create a new scriptable object in the background), sometimes the asset database doesn't automatically refresh. I'd have to manually cycle play mode on and off before it'd show with correct field values in the editor. So just to iterate: no data is destroyed using this method, just adds a bit of annoyance.
İlyas Köse
Keep going. Your videos are amazing.
Loupy Dautyy
Wow, what an underrated channel! It has some interesting videos, even for Unity veterans! :D
Matthew Spencer
Glad I could teach you some things!
A few years of using unity and I had no clue about this! Looking forward to more vids to see what else I didn't know haha
This one is a gem. Imagine how much more productive you'll be now!
Are you joining the wowie game jam 3.0? I am definitely joining it.
I was planning to but have engagements for the first 3 days 😭 I'd love to see what you come up with!
Kevin Basel
Another simple, fast and great tutorial. Cheers!!


all right i'll show you how to enter play mode faster
so as you'll see when i press play it takes a few seconds to load up and this
is just with one object in the scene and maybe one script so i'll show you
how to do this faster go to edit project settings ensure edit is selected
and go down to the bottom and you'll see enter play mode options
now if you're using 2019 uh this will be an experimental feature
but it seems to work just the same so click this on and now you'll see when
i press play it's pretty much instant
pretty much instant so just a comparison if i turn it off
a significant difference there so one thing to note though there are these
uh two additional settings here now uh when this is ticked off these are both
actually enabled as confusing as that is but uh if you only want to enable one of
them you can h1 adds additional loading time to your
scene uh a few things to note with reload domain uh turned off
you'll sometimes find that your static variables do not get reset in between
players which can be a little bit annoying and then with reload scene i've
found a bug where uh sometimes your scriptable objects get
all messed around uh but you'll just have to play around
with those uh some projects you may be able to keep
them both off and just enjoy fast loading all the way through your
development so i hope this helps