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3D Player Controller in Unity. Converting my 2D Celeste Controller!

I converted my 2D Celeste controller to fit a 3D world. I had a few challenges along the way but all in all it turned out nicely. Let me know what you think! Script: Play the game: ❤️ Become a Tarobro on Patreon: ========= 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🗨️ DISCORD: ✅ MORE TUTORIALS:

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Way badass conversion video. The tentacle beast in blender is major icing on the cake! Literally one of the most mind stimulating videos ever made
Damn bro, high praise. Thank you 🙏
Hendra Setiawan
Hi, how do you create the wiggle physics for the tentacle when moving?
Wow this is epic
Diru Diaz Rusiñol
4:00 that's cool XD
Hey, I saw myself! Woot woot! ;)
Violet Canoe
Dash test go brrrrrrrrrrrr
Some say he's still dashing to this day...
Mandy Lee
I absolutely love the end result! Very stylish and beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this game!
Não Chame A Policía
It was fun to play the demo on itch, nice job man, keep going.
Thanks for having a play :)


[Music] in my last video i created a kick-ass 2d
player controller inspired by celeste if you didn't watch it go do so now and
then come back it worked out pretty well and feels
great but my original plan was to create a 3d controller
so that's what i'm doing now let's go first step was creating a simple 3d
environment i'm lazy so i just scoured my 2d
environment and added some orange boxes [Music]
i created a new script for my 3d character and pretty much copy and
pasted my 2d controller script inside the major difference between a 2d and 3d
controller is that we don't use joystick input for the x and y axis
but instead the x and z axis we still use the vertical input from controllers
so i simply rename my y to z i commented or removed any 2d specific
code from my script such as which direction the player is
facing then just decided it'd be cleaner
handling each state as i get to it so i deleted basically everything to
just focus on the walking i replaced the 2d wall code to use the
z-axis i removed all acceleration for now and
just used the raw input for the look direction it was as easy as
setting my model's transform forward equal to my walk
direction i added a check to ensure if there was
no input that frame i wouldn't set my look direction this
stopped it from snapping back to its default direction when i let go of the
key alright first test not bad not bad
i hooked up my camera to follow the player
feels pretty good so far but it's very snappy and doesn't have the celeste
acceleration and de-acceleration we all love
so i quickly added in a basic system to handle it you can see it clearly when
using extreme values my 2d jump script worked great without
any additional changes the only thing i had to change for the
dash was to execute it on the x z plane instead of the x y plane
now one downside to doing this in 3d is there is no
easy way to give the directional freedom you have in the 2d controller
in 2d your vertical input can be used to direct the dash
but in 3d you're using the vertical input for character move direction
i'd do something to alleviate the shortcoming a bit later in the video
the wall climbing took a little bit of fiddling from the 2d variant
first i had to change my wall detection from static left and right
to wherever my model was facing then i had to assign my z
input to the character's y axis while grabbing
to allow movement this looked ridiculous so i prevented
rotation while wall sliding or grabbing and ensured they were perfectly facing
the wall by shooting a ray forwards on the frame we begin to hold the grab
to get the walls normal direction then set my look direction to the inverse
next i wanted to fix how far from the wall the character would sometimes be
when grabbing i did this by checking if i was more
than .5 units from the wall and if so move in closer pretty simple
stuff i wanted a way to give more freedom to
the dash directions i was playing with a few ideas but a
member of my discord suggested i add dash targets
if one is in range when you press dash it'll set your direction towards the
target and dash until it hits its mark i do
this by casting a capsule forward and then choosing the closest one detected
let's try this out okay that's cool but not what we want
well that works pretty good it's a little bit clumsy but with some work it
could turn out nicely another day maybe alright
so that's all the state's converted to 3d and it feels pretty responsive
for a real test i popped over the blender to make some tentacles
then i constructed this weird tentacle monster to chase me around the map
shooting at me by the way if you're enjoying this video
leave a like and let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see
next anyway let's see how this looks all put
together [Music]
i wouldn't say the controller is anywhere close to perfect but it's about
as far as i want to take it at this stage
if you want to look through the code or play this little level i made here
i left them both in the description if you enjoyed this quick little video
consider subscribing to see what i get up to next
tara dev signing out you